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Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Used to/ Be Used to (I used to/ I am used to)

Patrick is an expatriate working for an international company in Indonesia. He has spent his entire life in the USA. Therefore, he had never eaten spicy food before. At first, he found the food is too spicy for him.

  • Patrick was not used to eating spicy. <---- it means that he could not tolerate spicy food in the past.
  • After a year living in Indonesia, Patrick got used to eating spicy food. <---- it means that he now could tolerate spicy food
  • Three years later, Patrick is used to eating spicy food. <---- he can tolerate spicy food now.
"get/ be + used + to +V-ing" is to show that someone is getting accustomed to something. In the case above, Patrick is now accustomed to spicy food.

How about "Used to"?
"Used to" and "be/get used to" are completely different meaning. See below for illustration
  • I am used to smoking. <--- this means that you smoke now. or you get accustomed to smoke.
  • I used to smoke. <--- this means that you stop smoking now. or you are no longer a smoker. But before you were a smoker.

  1. Hans was a vegetarian. Now, he is no longer a vegetarian.
    Hans (used to/ be used to) (eat) only vegetable. Now, he (used to/ be used to) (eat) beef.
  2. Jenny weighted at 100 kg and was considered fat. She exercised a lot and lose weight. She is slim now.
    Jenny (used to/ be used to) (eat) a lot of junk food. Now, she (used to/ be used to) (eat) healthy food.

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