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Jumat, 15 Januari 2010

Writing a newspaper report

When you want to write a newspaper report or article, please keep in mind the following:
  • Try to use striking headline
  • Your report should contain a few short paragraphs. The first paragraph gives a summary of your overall report. The next few paragraphs are where you elaborate by providing more information.
  • Please ensure smooth idea transition between your paragraphs.
  • Factual and impartial report of the incident
  • Do not state your opinions unless you are writing editorial review

Below is a sample


A most unusual accident took place recently at the Singapore Conference Hall in which the Minister for Education, Dr Soll, was slightly injured when a piece of the ceiling fell on him. This happened while he was giving a speech on "Education Reform"

Dr Soll arrived at 7.00pm sharp in pouring rain. He was escorted to the stage by two ministry officials. The large crowd of school principals, ministry officials and other invited guests greeted his introduction by the Director of Education, Dr Paul, with loud applause.

There was silence in the hall when Dr Soll began his speech. After about five minutes, some members of the audience were seen looking at the ceiling directly above the speaker. There was a damp patch there and drops of water were falling from it. Suddenly, an unexpected downpour from the wet patch soaked Dr Soll thoroughly.

There was confusion on stage as people rushed to his aid. Before anyone could move him away, a huge piece of the ceiling collapsed and a fragment hit Dr Soll on his left shoulder.

When this happened, there was panic in the hall, Some people immediately left their seats and made for the exits. There was a general feeling that the hall was in imminent danger of collapse.

Dr Soll was hurt. He was given first aid and escorted off the stage to his waiting car which drove immediately to the Singapore General Hospital.

Everyone left the hall talking loudly about the unusual accident and criticizing the organisers for not investigating the damp patch on the ceiling.

He is reported to be recovering at home. Investigation into the accident is continuing.

Reported By,

Benny H

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