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Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

Vocabulary Practice 012110

Exercise 1

Use the vocabulary listed below in the sentences



  1. The boxer swayed quickly to the right to _________ his opponent's punch.
  2. The submarine began to ________ underwater.
  3. Ms Jane slipped while in the bathroom. She has got her shoulder joint _________
  4. I ________ by car to work everyday.
  5. The ship finally ________ on its journey to Atlantic
  6. A soldier ________ to the enemies during the war because he felt discontented with his country.
  7. The police _________ random search for terrorist suspect in the airport.
  8. Our office has been ___________ to a new location at Alexandra street.
  9. The speaker ________ his message very well.
  10. The new flu strain can be easily ___________ by air.
Answer in reverse order: transmitted, conveys, relocated, conduct, defected, embark, commute, dislocated, descent, dodge

Exercise 2


  1. He is such an _________ speaker. He could easily mesmerize his audience.
  2. When writing an article, do not use a lot of _______ that most people might not understand the meaning.
  3. He speaks German ___________.
  4. We were encouraged to read daily newspaper to expand our __________ of english words.
  5. India has many _________, spoken by people of different region.
  6. You have to ___________ the documents to english by tomorrow morning!
  7. Many beginner english students use ___________ words and phrases which are acceptable for conversation but not for writing english.
  8. Based on his _________, he might be from Australia.
  9. A __________ is someone who could speak a lot of languages.
  10. You need to do more exercise on ________. This is to improve your basic tenses.
Answer in revers: grammar, linguist, accent, colloquial, translate, dialects, vocabulary, fluently, jargons, articulate.

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